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 List of linguists part one 01

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A linguist in the academic sense is a person who studies natural language (an academic discipline known as linguistics). Ambiguously, the word is sometimes also used to refer to a polyglot (one who knows more than 2 languages), or a grammarian (a scholar of grammar), but these two uses of the word are distinct (and one does not have to be a polyglot in order to be an academic linguist).[1] The following is a list of linguists in the academic sense.

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  • Abel, Carl, Germany, comparative lexicography
  • Abdul Haq, Maulvi (India, 1870–1961), Urdu language
  • Abramson, Arthur S. (United States), phonetics
  • Adams, Douglas Q. (United States), English language, comparative linguistics, Tocharian languages
  • Adler, George J. (Germany/United States, 1821–1868), lexicography, German language, English language
  • Aikhenvald, Alexandra Yurievna (Russia, 1957–), syntax, typology, Amazonian languages, Papuan languages, Hebrew language, Russian language
  • Aitken, Adam Jack (UK, 1921–1998), lexicography
  • Ajduković, Jovan (Serbia, 1968–), Slavic languages, sociolinguistics, contact linguistics, Russian language, Serbian language
  • Albright, William Foxwell (United States, 1891–1971), Semitic languages
  • Allan, Keith (Australia), semantics
  • Alleyne, Mervyn Coleridge (Trinidad & Tobago/Jamaica, 1933–), creole languages
  • Amerias (Greece), Ancient Macedonian language, lexicography
  • Anderson, Gregory D.S. (United States), Munda languages
  • Aoun, Joseph (Lebanon/United States), oriental languages, syntax
  • Arisaka Hideyo (Japan, 1908–1952), Japanese language
  • Aristar, Anthony (South Africa/United States, 1948–), linguistic infrastructure
  • Aronoff, Mark (Canada, 1949–), morphology
  • Ascoli, Graziadio Isaia (Italy, 1829–1907), Substrata, ladin language
  • Austin, John Langshaw (UK, 1911–1960), philosophy of language, speech act
  • Azad, Humayun (Bangladesh, 1947–2004), Bengali language


  • Bach, Emmon (United States, 1929–), syntax, phonology, Haisla language
  • Badshah Munir Bukhari (Pakistan, 1978–) applied linguistics, languages of Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Baker, Mark (United States), Mohawk language, generative grammar
  • Bally, Charles (Switzerland, 1865–1947), French language, phraseology
  • Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen (United States, 1954–) second language acquisition, tense and aspect, pragmatics
  • Bar-Hillel, Yehoshua (Israel, 1915–1975), machine translation, categorial grammar
  • Barker, (Philip) Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman (United States, 1930–), Urdu language, Indian languages
  • Barlow, Robert Hayward (United States, 1918–1951), Nahuatl language
  • Barnhart, David K. (United States, 1941–), lexicography, English language
  • Barnhart, Robert (United States, 1933–2007), lexicography, English language
  • Barsky, Robert (United States), discourse analysis
  • Bartlett, John Russell (United States, 1805–1886),
  • Baudouin de Courtenay, Jan Niecisław (Poland, 1845–1929), phonology, Polish language
  • Beckman, Mary E. (United States), phonetics, phonology
  • Beckwith, Christopher (United States, 1945–), Asian languages, Tibetan language
  • Bello, Andrés (Venezuela), Spanish language, Philology
  • Bellugi, Ursula (United States), sign language, neurolinguistics
  • Ben-Yehuda, Eliezer (Israel), Lexicography, Revival of the Hebrew language
  • Bender, M. Lionel (United States), African languages
  • Benedict, Paul K. (United States), Sino-Tibetan languages, Tai–Kadai languages, historical linguistics
  • Berlitz, Charles Frambach (United States, 1914–2003), language acquisition
  • Berlitz, Maximilian Delphinius (United States, 1852–1921), language acquisition
  • Bhartrihari (India, 450–510), Sanskrit
  • Bickel, Balthasar (Switzerland, 1965–), language typology, Kiranti languages
  • Bickerton, Derek (United States, 1926–), creole languages, origin of language
  • Bleek, Wilhelm Heinrich Immanuel (Germany, 1827–1875), languages of Africa
  • Bloch, Bernard (United States, 1907–1965), Japanese language
  • Bloch, Jules (France, 1880–1953), languages of India
  • Bloomfield, Leonard (United States, 1887–1949), structural linguistics
  • Blust, Robert (United States), Austronesian languages
  • Boas, Franz (United States, 1858–1942), indigenous languages of the Americas
  • Boersma, Paul (Netherlands, 1959–), phonetics
  • Bolinger, Dwight Le Merton (United States, 1907–1992), semantics, Spanish language
  • Bomhard, Allan R. (United States, 1943–), Nostratic languages, historical linguistics
  • Bopp, Franz (Germany, 1791–1867), Indo-European languages, comparative linguistics
  • Boyd, Julian Charles (United States, 1931–2005), English language
  • Bowerman, Melissa psycholinguistics, Language acquisition
  • Bresnan, Joan (United States, 1945–), syntax
  • Bright, William (United States, 1928–2006), Native American languages, South Asian languages
  • Brody, Michael (Hungary, 1954–), syntax
  • Browman, Catherine (phonetics, phonology)
  • Brugmann, Karl (Germany, 1849–1919), Indo-European languages, Sanskrit, comparative linguistics
  • Bucholtz, Mary (United States), sociolinguistics
  • Burgess, Anthony (UK, 1917–1993), English, phonetics
  • Burling, Robbins (United States, 1926–), languages of India
  • Burridge, Kate (Australia), Germanic languages
  • Butzkamm, Wolfgang (Germany, 1938–), applied linguistics, English language


  • Campbell, Lyle (United States), Native American languages
  • Canger, Una (Denmark, 1938–), Mesoamerican languages
  • Capell, Arthur (Australia, 1902–1986), Australian languages, Austronesian languages, Papuan languages
  • Cardona, George (United States, Indo-European studies
  • Carnap, Rudolf (Germany, 1891–1970), syntax, constructed languages
  • Carnie, Andrew (Canada, 1969–), syntax
  • Caro, Miguel A. (Colombia, 1843–1909), Spanish language, Colombian Spanish
  • Carpenter, William Henry (United States, 1853–1936), Icelandic language
  • Chadwick, John (UK, 1920–1998), Linear B
  • Chafe, Wallace (United States, 1927–), cognitive linguistics, semantics
  • Chao Yuen Ren (PR China, 1892–1982), Chinese language
  • Chakrabarti, Byomkes (India, 1923–1981), Santali language, Bengali language, comparative linguistics
  • Champollion, Jean-François (France, 1790–1832), Egyptian hieroglyphs
  • Chambers, Jack (Canada, 1938–), sociolinguistics
  • Charity Hudley, Anne Harper (United States), sociolinguistics
  • Chatterji, Suniti Kumar (India, 1890–1977), Bengali language
  • Choijinzhab (PR China, 1931–), Mongolian language
  • Chomsky, Noam (United States, 1928–), syntax, universal grammar
  • Choueiri, Lina (Lebanon), syntax, Lebanese Arabic
  • Chyet, Michael L. (United States, 1957–), Kurdish language
  • Clyne, Michael George (Australia), Germanic languages
  • Cohen, Paul S. (United States), 1942–), phonology, etymology
  • Collitz, Hermann (Germany/United States, 1855–1935), historical linguistics
  • Comrie, Bernard (UK, 1947–), typology
  • Cook, Guy (UK, 1951–), applied linguistics
  • Coşeriu, Eugen (Romania/Germany, 1921–2002), Romance languages
  • Cowgill, Warren (United States, 1929–1985), Indo-European studies
  • Cowper, Elizabeth (Canada), syntax
  • Creissels, Denis (France), syntax, phonology, Niger-Congo languages, Nakh-Daghestanian languages
  • Croft, William (United States, 1956–), syntax, cognitive linguistics
  • Crystal, David (UK, 1941–), English language, language death, applied linguistics
  • Cuervo, Rufino Jose (Colombia, 1844–1911), Spanish language, Colombian Spanish
  • Culicover, Peter W. (United States), syntax, language change
  • Culioli, Antoine (France, 1924–), general linguistics
  • Curme, George Oliver, Sr. (United States, 1860–1948), German language, English language


  • Dal, Vladimir (Russia, 1801–1872), lexicography, Russian language
  • Dani, Ahmad Hasan (Pakistan, 1920–2009), South Asian languages
  • Daniels, Peter T. (United States), writing systems
  • Deacon, Terrence (United States), language change, origin of language, cognitive linguistics
  • Dehkhoda, Ali-Akbar (Iran, 1879–1959), lexicography, Persian language
  • Delbrück, Berthold (Germany, 1842–1922), Indo-European languages, syntax, comparative linguistics
  • DeLozier, Judith (United States), neuro-linguistic programming
  • Dempwolff, Otto (Germany, 1871–1938), Austronesian languages
  • Diderichsen, Paul (Denmark, 1905–1964) Danish
  • Diffloth, Gérard (United States), Mon–Khmer languages
  • van Dijk, Teun Adrianus (Netherlands, 1943–), pragmatics, discourse analysis, text linguistics
  • Dixon, Robert Malcolm Ward (Australia, 1939–), syntax, typology, Australian languages, Amazonian languages
  • Dobrovský, Josef (Czech Republic, 1753–1829), Slavic languages, Czech language, lexicography
  • Doke, Clement Martyn (South Africa, 1893–1980), Bantu languages, Lamba language
  • Dolgopolsky, Aharon (Russia/Israel, 1930–), Nostratic languages
  • Dorian, Nancy (United States), language death, Scottish Gaelic
  • Dougherty, Ray C. (United States), transformational grammar, computational linguistics
  • Dowty, David (United States), semantics, syntax
  • Dozier, Edward P. (United States, 1916–1971), Native American languages, languages of the Philippines
  • Dressler, Wolfgang U. (Austria, 1939–), phonology, morphology, text linguistics
  • van Driem, George (Netherlands), Tibeto-Burman languages, symbiosism, Dzongkha language
  • Duden, Konrad (Germany, 1829–1911), lexicography, German language
  • Dunn, John Asher (United States), Tsimshian language


  • Edmondson, Jerold A. (United States), Tai–Kadai languages, languages of Southeast Asia
  • Edwards, Jonathan, Jr. (United States, 1745–1801), North American languages, historical linguistics, Mohegan language
  • Ehret, Christopher (United States), languages of Africa, historical linguistics
  • Elgin, Suzette Haden (United States, 1936–), constructed languages, transformational grammar
  • Ellis, Rod (UK), second language acquisition
  • Elman, Jeffrey L. (United States), language processing, neurolinguistics
  • Emeneau, Murray Barnson (United States, 1904–2005), Dravidian languages, linguist areas
  • Esenç, Tevfik (Turkey 1904–1992), Ubykh language
  • Evans, Nicholas (Australia, 1956–) Indigenous Australian languages, Papuan languages, typology
  • Even-Shoshan, Avraham (Belarus/Israel, 1906–1984), Hebrew language, lexicography
  • Everett, Daniel Leonard (United States, 1951–), languages of Brazil, Pirahã language
  • Everson, Michael (United States/Ireland, 1963–), writing systems, historical linguistics


  • Fillmore, Charles J. (USA, 1929–), syntax, lexical semantics, cognitive linguistics, lexicography
  • Firth, John Rupert (UK, 1890–1960), phonetics, phonology, prosody
  • Fischer-Jørgensen, Eli (Denmark 1911–), phonetics, phonology, Danish language
  • Fishman, Joshua (United States, 1926–), Sociology of language
  • Fiske, Willard (United States, 1831–1904), Northern European languages, Icelandic language
  • Fodor, Janet Dean (United States), psycholinguistics, semantics, syntax
  • Fodor, Jerry Alan (United States, 1935–), psycholinguistics, language of thought
  • Foley, William (Australia), Papuan languages, Austronesian languages
  • Ford, Jeremiah Denis Mathias (United States, 1873–1958), Spanish language
  • Fowler, Carol A. (United States), phonetics, phonology
  • François, Alexandre (France), Austronesian languages, historical linguistics, language contact
  • Freiman, Aleksandr Arnoldovich (Poland/Russia, 1879–1968), Iranian languages
  • French, David Heath (United States, 1918–1994), Native American languages
  • Friedrich, Johannes (Germany, 1893–1972), Hittite language
  • Fromkin, Victoria (United States, 1923–2000), theoretical linguistics, constructed languages
  • Fujitani Nariakira (Japan, 1738–1779), Japanese language


  • Galloway, Brent D. (United States, 1944–), Amerindian languages, Halkomelem language
  • Gamkrelidze, Thomas V. (Georgia, 1929–), Indo-European studies, Georgian language
  • Gans, Eric (United States, 1941–), origin of language
  • Garnier, Romain (France), Indo-European linguistics
  • Gazdar, Gerald (UK, 1950–), computational linguistics, syntax, semantics
  • Gebauer, Jan (Czech Republic, 1838–1907), Czech language
  • Geeraerts, Dirk (Belgium, 1955–), semantics, lexicography
  • Givón, Talmy (Israel/United States, 1936–), syntax, semantics, pragmatics, typology, functionalism
  • Giegerich, Heinz (Germany/UK), English language, phonology
  • Gleason, Jean Berko (United States), psycholinguistics, language acquisition
  • Goatly, Andrew (UK), English language, Chinese language
  • Goddard, Cliff (Australia), semantics, pragmatics
  • Goddard, R.H. Ives, III (United States), Algonquian languages, historical linguistics
  • Gode, Alexander (Germany/United States, 1906–1970), constructed languages, Germanic languages
  • Goldberg, Adele (United States, 1963–), syntax, psycholinguistics
  • Goldsmith, John Anton (United States, 1951–), phonology, computational linguistics
  • Goldstein, Louis M. (United States), phonetics, phonology
  • Gong Hwang cherng (Republic of China, 1934–2010), Sino-Tibetan languages, Old Chinese, Tangut language
  • Gordon, Cyrus Herzl (United States, 1908–2001), ancient languages, cuneiform script
  • Gray, Louis Herbert (United States, 1875–1955), Indo-Iranian languages, phonology
  • Greenberg, Joseph Harold (United States, 1915–2001), typology, language universals, languages of Africa
  • Grice, (Herbert) Paul (UK/United States, 1913–1988), pragmatics
  • Grierson, George Abraham (Ireland, 1851–1941), languages of India
  • Gries, Stefan Th. (Germany/United States, 1970–), corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, cognitive linguistics, construction grammar
  • Grimm, Jakob Ludwig Carl (Germany, 1785–1863), historical linguistics, comparative linguistics, German language
  • Grinder, John Thomas (United States, 1940–), neurolinguistics
  • Grube, Wilhelm (Germany, 1855–1908), Tungusic languages, Nivkh language, Jurchen language
  • Gumperz, John Joseph (United States, 1922–), sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, linguistic anthropology
  • Gutiérrez Eskildsen, Rosario María (Mexico, 1899–1979), Spanish language, dialectology
  • Guy, Gregory (United States), sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, phonetics, phonology


  • Haarmann, Harald (Germany, 1946–), evolutionary linguistics, language contact
  • Haas, Mary Rosamund (United States, 1910–1996), Native American languages, Thai language, historical linguistics
  • Hagberg, Carl August (Sweden, 1810–1864), Scandinavian languages
  • Hajič, Jan (Czech Republic), computational linguistics
  • Hajičová, Eva (Czech Republic), (1935–), corpus linguistics
  • Hale, Kenneth Locke (United States, 1934–2001), syntax, phonology
  • Hall, Kira (United States), sociocultural linguistics
  • Hall, Richard Michael Ryan (United States, 1927–1996), historical linguistics, Indo-European studies, Nilotic languages
  • Hall, Robert A., Jr. (United States, 1911–1997), Romance languages, Pidgins and Creoles
  • Halle, Morris (Latvia/United States, 1923–), phonology, morphology
  • Halliday, Michael Alexander Kirkwood (UK/Australia, 1925–), systemic functional grammar, ecolinguistics, applied linguistics
  • Hammond, Michael (United States, 1957–), phonology, computational linguistics, syntax
  • Hamp, Eric P. (United States, 1920–), Indo-European languages, Native American languages
  • Harder, Peter (Denmark, 1950–), English language, functional linguistics
  • Harkavy, Alexander (Belarus/United States, 1863–1939), Yiddish language, lexicography
  • Harley, Heidi B. (United States, 1969–), distributed morphology, syntax
  • Harrington, John Peabody (United States, 1884–1961), Native American languages, phonetics
  • Harris, Roy (UK, 1931–), semiology, integrational linguistics
  • Harris, Zellig Sabbetai (Ukraine/United States, 1909–1992), structural linguistics, discourse analysis, Semitic languages
  • Harrison, David K. (United States, 1966–), phonology, endangered languages, language extinction
  • Hartmann, Reinhard Rudolf Karl (Austria/UK, 1938–) lexicography, contrastive linguistics
  • Hasan, Ruqaiya (India/Australia, 1931–), systemic functional grammar, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics
  • Hashimoto Mantarō (Japan, 1932–1987), Japanese language
  • Hashimoto Shinkichi (Japan, 1882–1945), Old Japanese language, Japanese language
  • Haspelmath, Martin (Germany, 1963–), typology, language change, language contact, Lezgian language
  • Haugen, Einar Ingvald (United States, 1906–1994), sociolinguistics, Old Norse
  • Hawkins, Bruce Wayne (United States), cognitive linguistics
  • Hawkins, John A. (UK), psycholinguistics, historical linguistics
  • Hayakawa, Samuel Ichiye (Canada/United States, 1906–1992), semantics
  • Hayes, Bruce (United States), phonology
  • Hays, David Glenn (United States, 1928–1995), computational linguistics, machine translation, dependency grammar, corpus linguistics, natural language processing, cognitive science
  • Heath, Jeffrey (United States), historical linguistics, morphology, linguistic anthropology
  • Heim, Irene Roswitha (Germany/United States), semantics
  • Heine, Bernd (Germany, 1939–), languages of Africa, sociolinguistics, language contact
  • Herbert, Robert Knox (United States, 1952–2007), phonology, languages of Africa, sociolinguistics
  • Hetzron, Robert (Hungary/United States, 1937–1997), Afro-Asiatic languages
  • Hewitt, John Napoleon Brinton (United States, 1859–1937), Iroquoian languages
  • Hjelmslev, Louis (Denmark, 1899–1965), comparative linguistics, semantics
  • Hobbs, Jerry R. (United States, 1942–), computational linguistics, discourse analysis, syntax, semantics
  • Hock, Hans Henrich (Germany/United States), historical linguistics, comparative linguistics, Sanskrit
  • Michael Hoey (United Kingdom), lexical priming, textual interaction, corpus linguistics
  • Hepburn, James Curtis (United States, 1815–1911), Japanese language, lexicography
  • Hockett, Charles Francis (United States, 1916–2000), phonology, morphology
  • Hoffmann, John-Baptist (Germany, 1857–1928), Mundari language
  • Hoijer, Harry (United States, 1904–1976), Athabaskan languages, Tonkawa language
  • Hopper, Paul (UK/United States), historical linguistics, emergent grammar
  • Hornstein, Norbert (United States), syntax
  • Hrozný, Bedřich (Czech Republic, 1879–1952), Hittite language, ancient languages
  • von Humboldt, Wilhelm (Germany, 1787–1835), Basque language
  • Huddleston, Rodney D. (UK/Australia), English language
  • Hudson, Richard (UK, 1939–), syntax, word grammar
  • Hupel, August Wilhelm (Germany/Estonia, 1737–1819), Estonian language, lexicography
  • Hyman, Larry M. (United States, 1947–), phonology, languages of Africa
  • Hymes, Dell Hathaway (United States, 1927–), sociolinguistics, Kathlamet language


  • Illich-Svitych, Vladislav Markovich (Ukraine/Russia, 1934–1966), comparative linguistics, Nostratic languages
  • Ivanov, Aleksei Ivanovich (Russia, 1878–1937), Chinese language, Tangut language
  • Ivanov, Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich (Russia, 1929–), Indo-European studies
  • Ivić, Pavle (Serbia, 1924–1999), South Slavic languages, phonology, Serbocroatian language

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List of linguists part one 01

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