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 List of linguistspart three 03

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PostSubject: List of linguistspart three 03   List of linguistspart three 03 I_icon_minitimeFri 18 Nov - 12:34


  • Nábělková, Mira (Slovakia), lexical semantics, sociolinguistics
  • Nádasdy Ádám (Hungary), phonology, morphophonology
  • Napoli, Donna Jo (United States), 1948–), syntax, phonetics, phonology, Japanese language
  • Neeleman, Ad (Netherlands/UK, 1964–), syntax, semantics, phonology, generative grammar
  • Nelson, Andrew Nathaniel (United States, 1893–1975), Japanese language, lexicography
  • Nevsky, Nikolai Aleksandrovich (Russia, 1892–1937), Tangut language
  • Newmeyer, Frederick J. (United States, 1944–), syntax, origin of language
  • Nichols, Johanna (United States), languages of the Caucasus, Chechen language, Ingush language, typology
  • Nishida Tatsuo (Japan, 1928–), Tangut language
  • Nolan, Francis (UK), phonetics
  • Noreen, Adolf Gotthard (Sweden, 1854–1925), dialectology, historical linguistics, Germanic languages
  • Nunberg, Geoffrey (United States), lexical semantics, English language


  • Odden, David A. (United States), phonology, African linguistics, Bantu languages
  • Ohala, John (United States), phonetics, phonology
  • Okrand, Marc (United States), Klingon language, Native American language, constructed languages
  • Ōno Susumu (Japan, 1919–2008), Japanese language, Tamil language
  • Orešnik, Janez (Slovenia, 1935–), comparative linguistics
  • Orikuchi Shinobu (Japan, 1887–1953), Japanese language
  • Orton, Harold (UK, 1898–1975), phonology, dialectology, English dialects
  • Osthoff, Hermann (Germany, 1847–1909), Indo-European studies, historical linguistics
  • Ōtsuki Fumihiko (Japan, 1847–1928), Japanese language


  • Pāṇini (India, ca. 520–460 BC), Sanskrit, morphology, descriptive linguistics, generative linguistics
  • Partee, Barbara Hall (United States, 1940–), semantics
  • Paul, Hermann Otto Theodor (Germany, 1846–1921), lexicography, German language
  • Pawley, Andrew Kenneth (Australia/New Zealand, 1941), Austronesian languages, Papuan languages, lexicography, phraseology
  • Pedersen, Holger (Denmark, 1867–1953), Celtic languages, historical linguistics, Nostratic languages
  • Pedersen, Johannes (Demark, 1883–1977), Hebrew language
  • Pei, Mario Andrew (Italy/United States, 1901–1978), Italian language, Indo-European languages
  • Pesetsky, David Michael (United States, 1957–), transformational grammar
  • Phillipson, Robert (UK/Denmark, 1942–), language policy
  • Pierrehumbert, Janet (United States), phonetics, phonology
  • Pinault, Georges-Jean (France), Tokharian, Indo-European linguistics
  • Pike, Kenneth Lee (United States, 1912–2000), English language, constructed languages, tagmemics
  • Pilch, Herbert (Germany, 1927–), Old English, Celtic languages, phonetics
  • Pimsleur, Paul (United States), language acquisition, French language, phonetics
  • Pinker, Steven (Canada/United States, 1954–), language acquisition, syntax, semantics
  • Piron, Claude (Switzerland, 1931–2008), Esperanto, psycholinguistics
  • Pollard, Carl Jesse (United States, 1947–), syntax, semantics
  • Pollock, Jean-Yves (France), syntax
  • Poppe, Nicholas (Russia, 1897–1991), Mongolic languages
  • Postal, Paul M. (United States, 1936–), syntax, semantics
  • Primer, Sylvester (United States, 1842–1912), English language, dialectology, phonetics, Germanic languages
  • Prince, Alan Sanford (United States, 1946–), optimality theory, phonology
  • Pulgram, Ernst (Austria/United States, 1915–2005), Romance languages, Italic languages
  • Pullum, Geoffrey K. (UK/United States, 1945–), syntax, English language
  • Pustejovsky, James D. (United States), natural language processing, computational linguistics, semantics


  • Quirk, Charles Randolph (UK/Germany, 1920–), English language


  • Rael, Juan Bautista (United States, 1900–1993), phonology, morphology, New Mexican Spanish
  • Rask, Rasmus Christian (Denmark, 1787–1832), lexicography, comparative linguistics, Indo-European language
  • Ratliff, Martha (United States), Hmong–Mien languages, historical linguistics
  • Read, Allen Walker (United States, 1906–2002), etymology, lexicography, English language
  • Reinhart, Tanya (Israel, 1943–2007), syntax
  • Rickford, John Russell (United States), sociolinguistics, African American Vernacular English
  • Rizzi, Luigi (Italy, 1952–), syntax, language acquisition
  • Roberts, Ian G. (UK, 1957–), syntax
  • Rock, Joseph Francis Charles (Austria/United States/PR China, 1884–1962), Naxi language, lexicography
  • Rosenblat, Ángel (Poland/Venezuela, 1902–1984), Lexicography, Venezuelan Spanish, Philology
  • Ross, John Robert (United States, 1938–), semantics, syntax
  • Ross, Malcolm David (Australia, 1942–), Austronesian languages, Papuan languages, historical linguistics, language contact
  • Rubach, Jerzy (Poland/United States, 1948–), phonology, Polish language
  • Rubin, Philip E. (United States, 1949–), articulatory synthesis, phonology
  • Ruhlen, Merritt (United States), typology, historical linguistics


  • Sacks, Harvey (United States, 1935–1975), conversation analysis
  • Sadock, Jerrold (United States), syntax, morphology, pragmatics, Greenlandic language, Yiddish language
  • Sag, Ivan (United States, 1949–), syntax, construction grammar
  • Sagart, Laurent (France), Chinese linguistics and Austronesian languages
  • Sakaguchi, Alicja (Poland/Germany, 1954–), interlinguistics, Esperanto
  • Salo, David (United States, 1969–), constructed languages, Tocharian languages, Elvish languages
  • Sampson, Geoffrey (UK, 1944–), philosophy of language
  • Sánchez Carrión, José María (Spain, 1952–), Basque language, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics
  • Sankrityayan, Rahul (India, 1893–1963), Tibetan language, Hindi language
  • Sapir, Edward (Germany/United States, 1884–1939), Native American languages, constructed languages, semantics
  • Saunders, Irene (United States/PR China), lexicography, Chinese language
  • de Saussure, Ferdinand (Switzerland/France, 1857–1913), semantics, Indo-European studies, structural linguistics
  • Sayce, Archibald Henry (UK, 1846–1933), Akkadian language
  • Schegloff, Emanuel (United States), conversation analysis
  • Schleicher, August (Germany, 1821–1868), Indo-European studies, language development, historical linguistics
  • Schmidt, Johannes (Germany, 1843–1901), historical linguistics, Indo-European studies
  • Schmidt, Wilhelm (Germany/Austria/Switzerland, 1868–1954), Mon–Khmer languages
  • Schwarzschild, Roger (United States), semantics, pragmatics
  • Searle, John Rogers (United States, 1932–), philosophy of language, pragmatics
  • Sen, Sukumar (India, 1900–1992), Bengali language
  • Sequoyah (United States, 1767–1843), Cherokee language
  • Setälä, Eemil Nestor (Finland, 1864–1935), Finnish language, Uralic languages
  • Sgall, Petr (Czech republic, 1926–), syntax
  • Shackle, Christopher (UK, 1942–), Urdu language, Punjabi language
  • Shepard-Kegl, Judy (United States), Nicaraguan Sign Language
  • Shevoroshkin, Vitaly Victorovich (Russia/United States), Slavic languages, Nostratics
  • Shinmura Izuru (Japan, 1876–1967), Japanese language
  • Sibawayh (Iran, ca. 760–796), Arabic language
  • Sidwell, Paul (Australia), Mon–Khmer languages, historical linguistics
  • Sievers, Eduard (Germany, 1850–1932), Germanic languages, historical linguistics
  • Siewierska, Anna (Poland/Netherlands/UK, 1955–2011), language typology
  • Sihler, Andrew Littleton (United States, 1941), comparative linguistics, Indo-European languages
  • Sinclair, John McHardy (UK, 1933–2007), applied linguistics, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis
  • Skeat, Walter W. (UK, 1835–1912), Old English, Middle English, etymology, philology
  • Skinner, B.F. (United States, 1905–1992), Verbal behavior
  • Skousen, Royal (United States, 1945–), language modeling
  • Smith, Neilson Voyne (UK, 1939–), syntax, language acquisition
  • Smolensky, Paul (United States, 1955–), phonology, optimality theory, syntax
  • Starostin, Georgiy Sergeevich (Russia, 1976–), comparative linguistics, historical linguistics, Nostratics, Proto-World
  • Starostin, Sergei Anatolyevich (Russia, 1953–2005), comparative linguistics, historical linguistics, Nostratics, Proto-World
  • Steels, Luc (Belgium), computational linguistics, evolutionary linguistics
  • Stetson, Raymond Herbert (United States, —1950), phonetics
  • Stieber, Zdzisław (Poland, 1903–1980), Slavic languages, phonology
  • Stokoe, William (United States, 1919–2000), American Sign Language, cherology.
  • Suzuki Takao (Japan, 1926–), Japanese language, sociolinguistics
  • Swadesh, Morris (United States, 1909–1967), typology, historical linguistics, Native American languages, lexicostatistics
  • Sweet, Henry (UK, 1845–1912), Germanic languages, phonetics
  • Sweetser, Eve (United States), cognitive linguistics, semantics, historical linguistics, Celtic languages


  • Talmy, Leonard (United States), cognitive linguistics, semantics, Yiddish language, Native American languages
  • Tannen, Deborah Frances (United States, 1945–), discourse analysis
  • Tarpent, Marie-Lucie (Canada), Tsimshianic languages
  • Teeter, Karl van Duyn (United States, 1929–2007), Algic languages, endangered languages
  • Thieberger, Nicholas (Australia), Indigenous Australian languages
  • Thomas, Calvin (United States, 1854–1919), Germanic languages, German language
  • Thomason, Sarah Grey (United States), language contact, historical linguistics, typology, Montana Salish
  • Thompson, John Eric Sidney (UK, 1898–1975), Maya languages, Maya hieroglyphics
  • Thompson, Sandra A. (United States), syntax, discourse analysis, Mandarin language
  • Tokieda Motoki (Japan, 1900–1967), Japanese language
  • Tolkien, John Ronal Reuel (UK, 1892–1973), Old English language, constructed languages, Sindarin, Quenya
  • Toporišič, Jože (Slovenia, 1926–), Slovene language
  • Trager, George Leonard (United States, 1906–1992), phonemics, paralanguage, semantics
  • Trask, Robert Lawrence (United States, 1944–2004), Basque language, historical linguistics, origin of language
  • Trubetzkoy, Nikolai Sergeyevich (Russia/Austria, 1890–1938), structural linguistics, morphology, phonology
  • Trudgill, Peter (UK, 1943–), sociolinguistics, English language, dialectology
  • Tuite, Kevin (United States, 1954–), Caucasian languages, Georgian language
  • Turner, Mark (United States), cognitive linguistics


  • Ullendorff, Edward (UK, 1920–), Semitic languages
  • Unger, James Marshall (United States, 1947–), Japanese language, historical linguistics, writing systems
  • Upton, Clive (UK), English language, sociolinguistics, dialectology


  • Vajda, Edward (United States), Ket language, historical linguistics, Na-Dené languages, comparative linguistics
  • van Valin, Robert D. (United States, 1952–), syntax, semantics, cognitive linguistics
  • Valli, Clayton (United States, —2003), American Sign Language,
  • Vasmer, Max (Russia/Germany, 1886–1962), etymology, historical linguistics, Russian language
  • Vaux, Bert (United States, 1968–), phonology, morphology, Armenian language
  • Veltman, Calvin (United States/Canada/France), sociolinguistics
  • Vendler, Zeno (United States, 1921–2004), philosophy of language, event structure
  • Ventris, Michael George Francis (UK, 1922–1956), Linear B, Archaic Greek
  • Verner, Karl (Denmark, 1846–1896), phonology, comparative linguistics, historical linguistics, Indo-European phonology
  • Voloshinov, Valentin Nikolaevich (Russia, 1895–1936), semantics
  • Vovin, Alexander (Russia/United States), Japanese language, languages of Siberia, Korean language, Ainu language, Central Asian languages


  • Wackernagel, Jacob (Switzerland, 1853–1938), Indo-European studies, Sanskrit
  • Wang Li (PR China, 1900–1986), Chinese language
  • Watanabe Shōichi (Japan, 1930–), Japanese language
  • Watkins, Calvert (United States), comparative linguistics, Indo-European languages
  • Weeks, Raymond (United States, 1863–1954), phonetics, French language
  • Weinreich, Max (Latvia/United States, 1893–1969), Yiddish language
  • Weinreich, Uriel (Poland/United States, 1926–1967), sociolinguistics, dialectology, semantics, Yiddish language
  • Wells, John Christopher (UK, 1939–), phonetics, Esperanto,
  • Westermann, Diedrich Hermann (Germany, 1875–1956), languages of Africa, typology
  • Westphal, Ernst Oswald Johannes (South Africa/UK, 1919–1990), Bantu languages, Khoisan languages
  • Whalen, Douglas H. (United States), phonology, endangered languages
  • Wheeler, Benjamin Ide (United States, 1954–1927), historical linguistics, comparative linguistics, Greek language
  • White, Lydia (United Kingdom/Canada), second language acquisition
  • Whitney, William Dwight (United States, 1827–1894), lexicography, Sanskrit, English language
  • Whorf, Benjamin Lee (United States, 1897–1941), Native American languages, Maya script, Linguistic relativity
  • Wichmann, Søren (Denmark, 1964–), Mesoamerican languages, Mixe–Zoque languages, Mayan languages, Maya script
  • Widdowson, Henry G. (UK), English language, discourse analysis
  • Wierzbicka, Anna (Poland/Australia, 1938–), semantics, pragmatics
  • Williams, Nicholas Jonathan Anselm (UK/Ireland, 1942–), Cornish language, Irish language, Manx language, phonology,
  • Williams, Samuel Wells (United States/China, 1812–1884), Chinese language, lexicography
  • Wilson, Robert Dick (United States, 1856–1930), comparative linguistics, Hebrew language, Syriac language
  • Wittmann, Henri (France/Canada, 1937–), French language, creole languages, morphology, comparative linguistics
  • Wolvengrey, Arok (Canada), Cree language, syntax, Native American languages, lexicography
  • Wurm, Stephen Adolphe (Hungary/Australia, 1922–2001), Australian Aboriginal languages, Papuan languages



  • Yamada Yoshio (Japan, 1873–1958), Japanese language
  • Yiakoumetti, Androula (Cyprus), Greek language, dialectology
  • Yngve, Victor (United States, 1920–), computational linguistics, natural language processing
  • Young, Robert W. (United States, 1912–2007), Navajo language, lexicography


  • Zamenhof, Ludwik Łazarz (Poland, 1859–1917), Esperanto
  • Zepeda, Ofelia (United States, 1952–), O'odham language
  • Zhang, Niina Ning (PR China), formal syntax, morphology
  • Zhou Youguang (PR China, 1903–), orthography, Romanization of Chinese
  • Zuazo, Koldo (Spain, 1956–), Basque dialectology, sociolinguistics
  • Zuckermann, Ghil'ad (Israel, Italy, UK, Australia, 1971–), contact linguistics, lexicology, revival linguistics
  • Zwicky, Arnold (United States, 1940–), syntax, morphology

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List of linguistspart three 03

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