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 Vous vs. tu

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PostSubject: Vous vs. tu   Vous vs. tu I_icon_minitimeTue 15 Jun - 18:53

Vous vs. tu
This is an important difference between French and English. English doesn't have a singular and plural,formal version of "you" (although "thou" used to be the informal (arguably archaic) singular version inthe days of Shakespeare).
In French, it is important to know when to use "vous" and when to use "tu".
"Vous" is a plural form of "you". This is somewhat equivalent to "y'all", "youse", "you guys", "all of you", except that it is much more formal than all but the last example.
"Vous" is also used to refer to single individuals to show respect, to be polite or to be neutral. It is used in occasions when talking to someone who is important, someone who is older than you are, or someone you are unfamiliar with. This is known asw:Vouvoiement.

Conversely, "tu" is the singular and informal form of "vous" (you) in French. It is commonly used when referring to a friend and a family member, and also used between children or when addressing achild. If it is used when speaking to a stranger, it signals disrespect. This is known as w:Tutoiement.
As a rule of thumb, use "tu" only when you would call that person by his first name, otherwise

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Vous vs. tu

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