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 قاموس مصطلحات الحديث

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PostSubject: قاموس مصطلحات الحديث   Tue 25 Oct - 8:25

الحَدِيثُ المُدَلَّسُ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الَّذِي دَلَّسَ فِيهِ الرَّاوِي بِوَجهٍ مِن وُجُوهِ التَّدلِيسِ.‏

Deceitful [Mudallas] Hadith : A hadith whose defects of the chain have been concealed

‏الحَدِيثُ المَردُودُ‏

‏الضَّعِيفُ إِذَا لَم يَجِد مَا يَعضُدُهُ، أَو مَا لَم تَجتَمِع فِيهِ
شُرُوطُ الحَدِيثِ الصَّحِيحِ أَو الحَدِيثِ الحَسَنِ وَلَم يَجِد مَا

Rejected [Mardud] Hadith : A weak hadith that is not strengthened by any
other narration, or a hadith lacking authenticity criteria, or a hadith
that is not strengthened by any means.

‏الحَدِيثُ المُرسَلُ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الَّذِي سَقَطَ مِن سِلسِلَةِ سَنَدِهِ الصَّحَابِيُّ.‏

Incompletely Transmitted [Mursal] Hadith : A hadith whose chain of
transmission lacks a Companion transmitter, i. e. , a hadith which a
Successor has directly attributed to the Prophet without mentioning a

‏الحَدِيثُ المَرفُوعُ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الَّذِي أُضِيفَ إِلَى النَّبِيِّ مِن القَولِ أَو الفِعلِ أَو التَّقرِيرِ.‏

Traceable [Marfu`] Hadith : Whatever word, deed, approval, or attribute
traced directly back to the Prophet (peace be upon him) with a connected
or disconnected chain of transmission

‏الحَدِيثُ المُسَلسَلُ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الَّذِي تَوَارَدَ رِجَالُ إِسنَادِهِ وَاحِدًا فَوَاحِدًا
عَلَى حَالَةٍ وَاحِدَةٍ سَوَاءٌ كَانَت تِلكَ الصِّفَةُ لِلرِّوَايَةِ
أَو لِلإِسنَادِ، وَسَوَاءٌ كَانَ مَا وَقَعَ فِيهِ الإِسنَادُ
مُتَعَلِّقًا بِصِفَةِ الأَدَاءِ أَو مُتَعَلِّقًا بِزَمَنِ الرِّوَايَةِ
أَو مَكَانِهَا، وَسَوَاءٌ كَانَت صِفَةُ الرِّوَايَةِ قَولًا أَو فِعلًا،
أَو قَولًا وَفِعلًا مَعًا.‏

Chained [Musalsal] Hadith : A hadith whose narrators shared a similar
status. For example, all of them used the same terminology in narration;
or all of them belonged to one region or occupation; or they narrated
the hadith with the same action, such as smiling while narrating a
hadith, because the Prophet had smiled while saying it.

‏الحَدِيثُ المَشهُورُ‏

‏هُوَ مَا رَوَاهُ ثَلَاثَةٌ فَأَكثَرُ وَلَو فِي طَبَقَةٍ مِن طَبَقَاتِهِ وَلَو رَوَاهُ بَعدَ الثَّلَاثَةِ جَمعٌ.‏

Well-known [Mashhur] Hadith : A hadith reported by three or more narrators in each stage of its chain of transmission.

‏الحَدِيثُ المُضطَرِبُ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الَّذِي تَختَلِفُ الرِّوَايَاتُ فِيهِ، المُتَسَاوِيَةُ
شُرُوطُ قَبُولِهَا فِي القُوَّةِ، بِحَيثُ تُعَارَضُ مِن كُلِّ الوُجُوهِ،
فَلَا جَمعَ وَلَا نَسخَ وَلَا تَرجِيحَ.‏

Disordered [Mudtarib] Hadith : A hadith on which a number of reports
with the same strength differ; thus, neither compromise nor abrogation
nor preponderance can be applied.

‏الحَدِيثُ المُضَعَّفُ‏

‏هُوَ كُلُّ حَدِيثٍ لَم تَجتَمِع فِيهِ شُرُوطُ الصَّحِيحِ وَلَا شُرُوطُ الحَسَنِ.‏

Doubtful [Muda`af] Hadith : A hadith lacking authenticity criteria

‏الحَدِيثُ المَطرُوحُ‏

Matruh (Non-Acted Upon)

‏الحَدِيثُ المَعرُوفُ‏

‏هُوَ حَدِيثُ الثِّقَةِ الَّذِي خَالَفَهُ الضَّعِيفُ.‏

The Known [Ma`ruf] Hadith : This term applies to a hadith transmitted by
a trustworthy narrator who is contradicted by a weak one.

‏الحَدِيثُ المُعضَلُ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الَّذِي سَقَطَ مِن سَنَدِهِ اِثنَانِ فَصَاعِدًا مِن
أَيِّ مَوضِعٍ كَانَ بِشَرطِ التَّوَالِي وَالتَّتَابُعِ فِي
اَلسَّاقِطِينَ كَأَن يَسقُطَ الصَّحَابِيُّ وَالتَّابِعِيُّ أَو
التَّابِعِيُّ وَتَابِعُهُ أَو اِثنَانِ قَبلَهُمَا.‏

Perplexing [Mu`dal] Hadith : A hadith whose chain of transmission
suffers loss of two or more successive narrators, such as a Companion
and a Successor. (The hadith transmitter has dropped two or more
narrators so that the disconnected chain of transmission would become
too difficult to be reconnected.)

‏الحَدِيثُ المُعَلَّقُ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الَّذِي حُذِفَ مِنهُ أَوَّلُ الإِسنَادِ سَوَاءٌ كَانَ المَحذُوفُ وَاحِدًا أَو أَكثَرَ.‏

Suspended [Mu`allaq] Hadith : A hadith, the beginning of whose chain of
transmission has two or more successive narrators missing.

‏الحَدِيثُ المَعمُولُ بِهِ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الصَّحِيحُ أَو الحَسَنُ الَّذِي سَلِمَ مِن النَّسخِ وَالمُعَارَضَةِ.‏

Applied [Ma`mul Bih] Hadith : An Authentic or Good Hadith not abrogated or contradicted by another hadith.

‏الحَدِيثُ المَقبُولُ‏

‏هُوَ مَا تَرَجَّحَ صِدقُ رَاوِيهِ فِيمَا رَوَاهُ وَنَقَلَهُ.‏

Accepted [Maqbul] Hadith : A hadith whose narrator's sincerity in reporting and transmitting is generally agreed upon

‏الحَدِيثُ المَقطُوعُ‏

‏هُوَ مَا أُضِيفَ إِلَى التَّابِعِيَّ فَمَن دُونَهُ مِن قَولٍ أَو فِعلٍ.‏

Intersected [Maqtu`] Hadith : A hadith, whether a deed or saying, attributed to a Successor and whoever came after him.

‏الحَدِيثُ المَقلُوبُ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الَّذِي وَقَعَ فِي مَتنِهِ أَو فِي سَنَدِهِ تَغيِيرٌ بِإِبدَالِ لَفظٍ بِآخَرَ أَو بِتَقدِيمٍ وَتَأخِيرٍ.‏

Inverted [Maqlub] Hadith : A hadith in whose t ext or chain of
transmission a change has taken place by substituting one letter for
another or by reversing the order of a word or sentence in the t ext.

‏الحَدِيثُ المُلتَبِسُ‏

‏الِالتِبَاسُ نَوعٌ مِن التَّدلِيسِ يُبهَمُ فِيهِ اِسمُ رَاوٍ حَتَّى يُظَنَّ أَنَّهُ غَيرُهُ.‏

Dubious [Multabis] Hadith : A hadith whose narrator's name is not
clearly identified so that the narrator might be taken for another one.

‏الحَدِيثُ المَنسُوخُ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الَّذِي جَاءَ حَدِيثٌ آخَرُ لِيَرفَعَ حُكمَهُ.‏

Abrogated [Mansukh] Hadith : An early hadith whose judgment or purport has been abrogated by a later one.

‏الحَدِيثُ المُنقَطِعُ‏

‏هُوَ مَا سَقَطَ مِن رُوَاتِهِ رَاوٍ وَاحِدٌ قَبلَ الصَّحَابِيِّ فِي مَوضِعٍ وَاحِدٍ أَو فِي مَوَاضِعَ عِدَّة.‏

Disconnected [Munqati`] Hadith : A hadith, the middle of whose chain of
transmission has only one narrator missing, whether in one stage or more

‏الحَدِيثُ المُنكَرُ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الَّذِي يَنفَرِدُ بِهِ الرَّجُلُ، وَلَا يُعرَفُ مَتنُهُ
مِن غَيرِ رِوَايَتِهِ لَا مِن الوَجهِ الَّذِي رَوَاهُ وَلَا مِن وَجهٍ

Denounced [Munkar] Hadith : A hadith narrated by a sole narrator, with a
t ext that is not known through any other chain of transmission.

‏الحَدِيثُ المَوضُوعُ‏

‏هُوَ الخَبَرُ المُختَلَقُ المَكذُوبُ المَنسُوبُ إِلَى رَسُولِ اللَّهِ
اِفتِرَاءً عَلَيهِ أَو إِلَى الصَّحَابِيِّ أَو إِلَى التَّابِعِيِّ،
وَهُوَ بَاطِلٌ تَحرُمُ رِوَايَتُهُ إِلَّا لِلتَّحذِيرِ مِنهُ أَو
لِتَعلِيمِ ذَلِكَ لِأَهلِ العِلمِ لِمَعرِفَتِهِ.‏

Invented [Maudu`] Hadith : A fabricated tradition attributed either to
the Prophet (peace be upon him), a Companion or to a Successor. It is
forbidden either to act upon this kind of hadith or to narrate it except
to warn against it or to make scholars

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قاموس مصطلحات الحديث

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