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 قاموس مصطلحات الحديث

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PostSubject: قاموس مصطلحات الحديث   Tue 25 Oct - 8:27

لحَدِيثُ المَوقُوفُ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ المُضَافُ إِلَى الصَّحَابِيِّ سَوَاءٌ كَانَ قَولًا أَو
فِعلًا وَسَوَاءٌ اِتَّصَلَ سَنَدُهُ إِلَيهِ أَم اِنقَطَعَ.‏

Discontinued [Mauquf] Hadith : A hadith (word or deed) traced back to a
Companion only, whether its chain of transmission is connected or not.

‏الحَدِيثُ النَّاسِخُ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الَّذِي جَاءَ لِيَرفَعَ حُكمًا سَابِقًا وَمُتَقَدِّمًا عَلَيهِ.‏

Abrogating [Nasikh] Hadith : A hadith abrogating the judgment or purport of an earlier one

‏الحَدِيثُ غَيرُ المَعلُولِ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ الَّذِي سَلِمَ مِن العِلَّةِ القَادِحَةِ فِي السَّنَدِ أَو المَتنِ.‏

Sound [Ghair Ma`lul] Hadith : A hadith void of defects that might invalidate its t ext or chain of transmission.

‏الحَدِيثُ غَيرُ المَعمُولِ بِهِ‏

‏هُوَ الحَدِيثُ المَقبُولِ (الحَسَنُ أَو الصَّحِيحُ) الَّذِي تُرِكَ
العَمَلُ بِهِ إِمَّا لِنَسخِهِ أَو لِتَعَارُضِهِ مَعَ مِثلِهِ.‏

Unapplied [Ghair Ma`mul Bihi] Hadith : An accepted hadith (Authentic or
Good) no longer applied due to its being abrogated or contradicted by
another hadith.

‏الحَسَنُ لِذَاتِهِ‏

‏هُوَ مَا اِتَّصَلَ سَنَدُهُ بِنَقلِ عَدلٍ خَفِيفِ الضَّبطِ مِن غَيرِ شُذُوذٍ وَلَا عِلَّةٍ.‏

Good on Its Own Virtue : This is a hadith whose chain of transmission is
linked to the narration of an authority with weak exactitude, but
without eccentricity or blemish.

‏الحَسَنُ لِغَيرِهِ‏

‏إِذَا كَانَ الحَدِيثُ فِي ذَاتِهِ ضَعِيفًا وَكَانَ ضَعفُهُ بِحَيثُ
يَقبَلُ أَن يَرتَفِعَ بِهِ طَرِيقًا آخَرَ إِلَى مُستَوَى الحُسنِ فَإِنَّ
حُسنَهُ لَا يَكُونُ لِذَاتِهِ.‏

Good by Virtue of Another Hadith : A hadith is judged Good by Virtue of
Another Hadith when its weakness is so slight that it can be raised
through another chain to the level of the Good Hadith. Therefore, being
Good is not on its own virtue, but by the way that renders it Good

‏آدَابُ الرِّوَايَةِ‏

Etiquette of Narration

‏آدَابُ المُحَدِّثِ‏

Etiquette of Narrator

‏آدَابُ طَالِبِ الحَدِيثِ‏

Etiquette of Hadith learner

‏أَتبَاعُ التَّابِعِينَ‏

‏هُوَ مَن لَم يَثبُت لَهُ لِقَاءُ الصَّحَابَةِ وَإِنَّمَا لَقِيَ تَابِعِيًّا فَأَكثَرَ وَأَخَذَ عَنهُ.‏

Followers of the Successors : The term applies to any of those who did
not meet the Companions, but met and narrated from one or more of the
Successors, i. e. , those belonging to the second generation after the

‏أَحَادِيثُ الفَضَائِلِ‏

‏هِيَ الأَحَادِيثُ الَّتِي تَتَعَلَّقُ بِفَضَائِلِ الأَعمَالِ.‏

Hadiths of Virtues : Hadiths concerning virtuous acts.

‏أَحوَالُ الرُّوَاةِ‏

The Narrators' Status

‏أَحوَالُ الرُّوَاةِ الفِعلِيَّةُ‏

Status of narrators as derived from their deeds

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قاموس مصطلحات الحديث

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